Star Driving School Founder - Chhan "Ken" Ing


Star Driving School is a family owned and operated business with over 16 years of experience in the industry. We specialise in providing comprehensive driving training lessons with our experienced team of professionals. Located in Smithfield NSW, we offer training state-wide including the Sydney Metropolitan Area and the Sydney Greater West.


With the large number of driving schools available across Australia, it can be an overwhelming experience to find the right instructor who can guide you step by step in learning how to drive safely on the road. At Star Driving School, we believe that quality of customer service and expertise in training learners are vital qualities in order to provide the best service possible.

As a result, Star Driving School aims to make learning how to drive enjoyable and affordable by providing the best qualified trainers in Australia to deliver comprehensive courses. Our instructors are accredited assessors by the RMS of NSW ensuring that you receive the highest standard of tuition every time.


Chhang Ing also known as Ken is the founder of Star Driving School. For over 18 years, Ken has worked hard to develop the best quality of teaching to learners of all ages and needs across NSW.

Ken specialises in professional driving instruction for a variety of vehicles, particularly truck driving instruction. As a member of the Australia Driver Training Association (ADTA), Ken is qualified to provide a high standard of instruction for all types of driving licences. In actively participating at the ADTA Ken is always current with the latest news, policies and law changes in the Australian driving industry. Being an accredited assessor himself for over a decade, Ken has built one of the most reputable, approachable and knowledgeable driving schools in Australia. Ken continues to build his company with strong values of customer service and high quality driving instruction to ensure that learners drive safe.