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Our Mission

With the large number of driving schools available across Australia, it can be an overwhelming experience to find the right instructor who can guide you step by step in learning how to drive safely on the road. At Star Driving School, we believe that quality of customer service and expertise in training learners are vital qualities in order to provide the best service possible..

Star Driving School is a specialist in providing truck driving lessons to learners from Sydney and across New South Wales. Led by Ken Ing, the truck driving instructors specialist has the most up-to-date truck driving skills to operate all sized trucks.The types of truck driving that you can learn from Star Driving school include HC Truck driving, HR Truck lessons, MR Truck instruction, and LR Truck lessons. Star Driving School can also help you learn how to drive other large vehicles such as mini bus and the bus authority driving course.

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All our instructors are accredited by the RMS of NSW.
Helping you stay safe on the road.

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What you can expect


With all our driving courses, you will receive:

  • A friendly and qualified professional driving instructor who will guide you through your training from start to finish

  • Flexible hours for your convenience

  • Structured courses to ensure you meet all your learning needs

  • Provision of fully insured vehicles with fitted duel controls for training purposes

  • Onsite public liability and professional indemnity insurance available for all learners

  • One-on-one assistance and personalized training including male or female instructors

  • One-on-one assistance and personalized training including male or female instructors

  • Further support with reading materials and safe driving tips

  • Affordable and competitive prices on all driving courses and

  • Foreign language learning options including Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese speaking instructors

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