Unlike other driver training fields, Heavy Vehicle Driver Training is unique. This training field requires the trainee to fulfil the following requirements prior to the training: the interested party must carry out the heavy vehicle competency based assessment abbreviated as HVCBA, and he or she must carry out mandatory training accompanied by the appropriate assessment for the multi-combination class license. In addition, one is expected to carry out a RMS heavy vehicle driving examination. The three requirements are useful and essential.

In order to receive the appropriate Heavy Vehicle Driver Training in any of the driver training institution across Australia you need to be very objective and perspective. Firstly, the driver training institution will carry out an extensive medical assessment on the trainee. The medical assessment is aimed at ruling out any possible defects that the trainee might have. Once the medical assessment is complete, the trainee will be assessed on the heavy vehicle competency based test. The assessment is carried out to evaluate the capabilities of the trainee/ trainees in regard to heavy vehicle driver.

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training is composed of various training tests, the tests include the following. Heavy vehicle driver knowledge test: this test is important in that it evaluates what the trainee already knows as far as road rules are concerned; and for one to be certified to take another test during training he or she must pass the heavy vehicle road regulation skill assessment. The second most important test that is in line with heavy vehicles is the manoeuvres test. The test’s main ambition is to evaluate the trainee’s capability to drive safe and effectively, especially in bad weather.
In order for a trainee to be successful during a Heavy Vehicle Driver Training session, he or she must be cooperative and focused. This is essential during on-road training.

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