An Australian road safety specialist is teaming up with the UK based E-Training World to help define what is road safety for fleets in Australia. The partnership will give Australian fleets access the the UK company’s sophisticated driver profiling system for the first time. Driver will become a distributor for E-Training World’s online driver assessment system as this risk management service is rolled out in Australia for the first time.

The system has already been fully customized to the Australian market, and it will enable company’s to accurately assess the potential risk of each driver before making a hiring decision. This is an important step towards making the roads safer in Australia, where over 50% of all work related injuries and fatalities resulted from traffic accidents. This has prompted a growing number of companies to seek better ways of assessing the drivers they hire.

Drive Safely During Christmas Holidays

Local traffic authorities are warning drivers in NSW to drive safely during the Christmas holidays, because this is one of the busiest times on the road as people drive across the Sydney area to visit with family and friends. The RTA and state driving schools have been doing everything possible to educate and alert drivers that 40% of all fatal accidents are the result of speeding.

This continues to be a major concern on NSW roads, as there were 10 fatalities last year and over 500 people injured in the state during the Christmas holidays. Drivers should be aware that there are more than 1400 rest areas throughout NSW, so it is not difficult for them to follow the recommendation of taking a break after every 2 hours of drive time.

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