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Getting a Sydney truck licence can help ensure that drivers of large commercial vehicles understand and operate according to safe driving practices. However, the condition of roads in Australia also has a lot to do with transportation safety. This is one reason that the ATA, a professional body representing transportation professionals such as truck drivers in Australia, has welcomed a huge increase in government funding for road improvements throughout NSW in 2010.

The government will allocate $4.7 billion to making a variety of road upgrades and improvements such as building new roads and maintenance on existing roads. They will also allocate millions to improving traffic network, with over $800 million going to the Pacific Highway alone. This investment in road improvements will allow the trucking industry to meet increased freight transportation requirements while maintaining a high level of safety.

Sydney Truck Licence To Improve Transportation Safety

The stringent safety requirements that must be met to receive a Sydney truck licence have definitely had an impact on road safety over time in Australia. A recent report highlights the fact that the incidence of fatal crashes for articulated trucks in Australia has improved since 1982 by over 60%. This is more confirmation that the trucking industry is steadily improving their safety standards over time.

There has been a large increase in big trucks on the roads since 1991, yet the crash statistics have remained relatively flat since that time. The conclusion of the ATA report is that this dramatic safety improvement is due primarily to road safety initiatives in Australia such as upgrades to the road network such as sealed shoulders and divided highways, improvement in truck design and reduced speed limits.

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