Maintaining road safety is an important aspect, since driving is a dangerous activity. Driving is termed dangerous due to the fact that high speeds and masses involved can turn to be deadly at times. Road users, including both the pedestrians and drivers are the ones responsible for maintaining road welfare. In order to avoid accidents along the road or harming of pedestrian, drivers should follow the following road safety tips.

Ensure that you always wear your seatbelt. Statistically, 65% of car accidents in Australia can be avoided if both the passengers and drivers can wear their seatbelts. Before driving, ensure that you countercheck your power provision by inspecting the following: fuel, water, rubbers, and oils are sufficient. This will help you drive without worrying about refills.

Drivers should ensure that they are always alert when driving. Inspect the road and its sides to ensure that they are no potential pedestrians. Avoid consuming alcohol or drugs and also avoid using your cell phone while driving, this will ensure that you are alert all through. Avoid doing things such as eating or picking a phone call, make sure that you use both hands on the wheel. Using both hands on the steer wheel will ensure that you have full control and that you can respond immediately in case of any likely accidents. Be keen and obey road signs-this will help you avoid bumping into other cars or pedestrians.

To promote road safety in Australia, drivers are always advised to anticipate for the worst; some drivers may forget to indicate a signal but if you predict this will avoid a crush. If you are almost taking a turn or changing lanes use the indicators thirty meters before you take the turn to inform other road users. It is highly recommended that drivers should take a break when tired. This is so since one may fall asleep while driving for long durations leading to accidents or crushes.

In conclusion, following the above tips will ensure that road safety is maintained in Australia.

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