Medium rigid class is one of the constituent elements of heavy vehicle classes. A person who has undertaken MR Lisense Training is eligible to operate automobiles which are composed of a single rear axle accompanied by a GVM of not less than eight tones. Most driver training institutions in Australia have been designed to help MR license trainees develop useful and reliable driving skills. The training usually takes not more than two days to be accomplished. Driver training institutions are usually equipped with the best MR training instructors.

Just like any other driver training course, you will be required to fulfil the following requirements in order to be able to do the training: the trainee must have an active Australian driver’s license that is valid and has been in use for not less than twelve months; the trainee should be in the position of operating manual automobiles; the person should be in position of the truck as well as bus handbook manual; the trainee should have appropriate clothing, including protective shoes; the trainee should be able to work with different people effectively.

MR Lisense Training involves the following activities. Introductory lecture on the various operations and this includes vehicle inspection and familiarization. Learning of vital skills associated with heavy vehicles, including manoeuvring, vehicle management, and gear changing capabilities. Medium rigid training also involves vehicle safety. This is achieved through general knowledge teaching (road hazards awareness, and avoidance of alcohol when driving) and on-road skills teaching (the ability to drive at night safely, the ability to drive in bad weather, and the ability to drive on poor road conditions). Other additional skills learnt include: vital reversing skills; speed management; and appropriate lane selection.

In conclusion, MR Lisense Training incorporates several road elements, which are very crucial to MR license drivers across Australia.

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