HC licence authorizes its holder to operate heavy combination vehicles like prime automobiles towing a semitrailer or rigid automobiles towing a trailer that consists of more than nine tones. Holders of this type of licence are also allowed to drive vehicles in the high rigid class and lower class. Heavy combination (HC) vehicles are characterized as prime movers of a gross vehicle mass exceeding fifteen tones. These types of vehicles are composed of at least two axles, good examples are trucks and float trailers.

In Australia, the HC licence is classified into three classes, the classification is based on the vehicle’s gearbox restrictions. The classes are as follows: the heavy combination condition A that allows its holder to drive an automatic gearbox only; the heavy combination condition B that authorizes one to operate both an automatic and synchromesh gearbox only; and lastly the heavy combination that is characterized as either open or unconditional, it allows its holders to drive any heavy combination vehicles, including automatic, synchromesh and non-synchromesh gearboxes.

Australian drivers who wish to upgrade to a HC licence are required by the RTA to have the following requirements: holder of a current medium rigid or high rigid licence for a time span of not less than 12 months, knows how to operate a manual transmission, the participant should have completed the HC knowledge test, has obtained a CBA learners logbook and handbook and lastly the participant must have read the CBA handbook before starting the heavy combination training.

In order for participants to obtain a HC licence they must undergo training according to the Australian RTA competency standards. Training is offered in various driving schools but participants should ensure that their instructors are endorsed by RTA. This will ensure that after completion of the course each learner obtains the licence from RTA.

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