Manual transmission vehicles are still important across Australia. Well, not every Australian has the capacity of obtaining a brand new automatic transmission vehicle. One of the most important concepts that drivers need to consider before purchasing a labour-intensive transmission car is “How to drive a Manual Transmission Car in Australia.” One can easily obtain the best training on how to handle a manual transmission car from one of the best driver training institution across the country.

Lessons on How to drive a Manual Transmission Car in Australia include the following: locating the controls that are essential in operating a manual transmission car; how to adjust the car’s seat; how to adjust car mirrors; and lessons on how to build a solid foundation. The very first lesson that a manual transmission driver must acquire is the ability to locate controls effectively. The basic controls include: head lights, low/ high beam controls; washer and wiper controls; hand brake control; hazard lights; indicators; horn; front and back demisters.

Seat adjustment is a very important skill as far as a manual transmission car is concerned. When adjusting your car’s seat you will have to do the following: you should depress the clutch pedal located on the left side on to the surface; then, adjust the car’s seat in such a manner that your left leg takes a fifteen degrees bend. Then and there, have your shoulder pushed into the back of the seat so as you can easily place your hands on the steer wheel. Moreover, you should ensure that the steer wheel is adjustable; this way, you will be able to see the speedo effectually.

Knowing how to adjust the seat isn’t enough, you should also ensure that the mirrors are correctly positioned. The basic mirrors of a manual transmission car include: the centre mirrors and the side mirrors. While on training one is advised to practice consistently on how to change gears successfully.

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