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Manual car driving lessons can help you learn to drive a manual transmission vehicle. Those people who learned to drive on an automatic transmission car are sometimes intimidated when trying to learn how to drive a stick shift. There are more details that you must focus on, such as how much gas to give, how much you need to let off of the clutch, and how to get the vehicle going.

Before you start up the vehicle, it helps to play around with the shifter to get a feel for how you shift gears. Also make sure you have the parking brake on so you don’t start to roll, and then put the car in neutral by shifting the stick to mid range of the gears where you can feel that it’s loose and free. From this position, you push the clutch down and turn the key in the ignition until the car starts.

Car Driving Lessons for Manual Vehicles

Car driving lessons can help drivers of manual vehicles to prepare for their driving test by teaching them the basics of changing gears while driving. When you want to change the gear in a manual vehicle, you should release the accelerator and press down on the clutch simultaneously. Then, remove one hand from the wheel and shift the gear knob to the new gear.

Return your hand to the steering wheel, and release the clutch pedal while pressing down the accelerator simultaneously. It is very important to keep your eyes on the road during this entire process. The sound of your engine can help you to know when you need to change gears. When the sound pitch of the engine gets higher as you accelerate, this means you need to shift up one gear.

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