LR Licence in NSW

There are a number of truck driving courses available. Depending on the type of rigid vehicle licence class you require, Star Driving School can assist you in obtaining the appropriate licence for your needs such as LR Licence. LR Licence in NSW is one of the popular and easy one that you can obtain once you have your full driving licence.

We offer:

1 Day Courses For Light Rigid (LR) or Class LR

For rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than 4.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes and a capacity of more than 12 adults including the driver and vehicles in class ‘C’. If a towed trailer is present, it cannot weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM.
LR Driving Licence


In order to qualify for any of the licence classes you require the following:

  • Obtained a class C licence (not a learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more
  • Completed an eye test
  • Completed a knowledge test provided by the RTA of NSW
  • Obtain a Competency Based Assessment (CBA) guidebook and learners logbook


LR Truck and Mini Bus driving lessons can go for as little as a few hours in 1 day only. On average,learners like to take lessons for at least 2 days,although some learners may want 4 days of training or even more.


To receive these benefits and more contact Star Driving School now and book your LR truck / mini bus driving course now!