HR Truck Licence in NSW

There are a number of truck driving courses available. Depending on the type of rigid vehicle licence class you require, Star Driving School can assist you in obtaining the appropriate licence for your needs.

our truck driving school provides HR Licence to all the people who are willing to get this type of licence class so that it can provides them a better chance of getting a job in truck driving business or logistic. one of the most popular heavy licence class available right now is HR Licence. below are some of the available express course for people who really want to get HR Licence.

Star driving School has a brand new 1/4 million dollars truck mainly for HR Licence training. our truck equipped with the latest technology, full air conditioning making your truck driving lesson training experience enjoyable as much as possible.

Imagine doing HR Licence training with other company which using old truck and doesn’t have air condition in a hot summer day?
Most of the truck driving instructor do not have a proper truck or have to rend it from other company and therefore leaving you read handed when coming to booking and time, if that truck isn’t available.
We are serious in our truck training business and therefore have invested a great amount of money making sure our students are satisfied with our training skills as well having a great benefit from driving new truck without fear of it being break down during training.
you will be 100% satisfied with our wide range of new truck, our training skills and a better quality services !
We offer:

1 Day Express Course or 2 Day Course for Heavy Rigid (HR) or Class HR

For rigid vehicles of 3 or more axles. Vehicles must have a GVM of 8 tonnes or more. Towed trailer attached to vehicles must weigh less than 9 tonnes GVM. Also includes articulated buses and vehicles in class ‘MR’.

HR Truck Driving Lessons Sydney


In order to qualify for any of the licence classes you require the following:

  • Obtained a class C licence (not a learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more
  • Completed an eye test
  • Completed a knowledge test provided by the RTA of NSW


HR Truck driving lessons can go for as little as a few hours in 1 day only. On average,learners like to take lessons for at least 2 days,although some learners may want 4 days of training or even more.


To receive these benefits and more contact Star Driving School now and book your HR truck driving course now!