MR license authorises its holder to operate any vehicle that consist of two axles-one at the front and the other on the rear and has a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tones; such vehicles include buses and trucks. The license holders can also tow a single trailer of up to nine tones GVM. Medium rigid vehicles are classified into three categories, which are: motor vehicles with two axles, consisting of more than eight tones GVM; a towed trailer of not more than 9 tones GVM and class LR vehicles. Most MR participants undertake the medium rigid training in order to upgrade from either C or LR class license.

Generally, there are two types of MR license and they are different due to their different gearbox restrictions. Individuals who wish to upgrade to this types of license should understand the two medium rigid license conditions in order to select the one that suits their needs best. The first condition is the medium rigid A (MRA) condition that authorises its holder to drive an automatic gearbox, only. The second condition is the medium rigid B (MRB) condition that allows its holder to operate a manual and automatic gearbox, only.

In order to obtain the MR license participants should have the following requirements: the individual should be a holder of a current C or LR license for a minimum of 12 months; he or she must be a proficient in operating a manual transmission; has completed the medium rigid knowledge test; has obtained the CBA learners logbook and guidebook; lastly participants should have read the CBA guide book before enrolling for the course. During the medium rigid license training learners are required to wear the appropriate footwear. Learners who complete the training are assessed and those who pass obtain their respective licenses.

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