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Mining dump truck driving jobs Sydney can be a very lucrative career choice. Mining dump trucks are impressive vehicles, with models like the CAT 797 able to hold a capacity up to 345 tonnes and standing over 7 meters high. Despite the fact that these dump trucks are so large in scale, they are quite basic to drive once you are properly trained. It is possible for a wide variety of people to successfully train for and operate dump trucks at mine site across Australia.

There are no gender or age restrictions for dump truck driver, and even those without previous experience can gain employment in the field. These positions do not require difficult physical labor, unlike many other mining industry jobs. This makes dump truck driving an ideal position for women, and the mining companies have been hiring more women as they see the benefits that they bring to the job.

Pay Rates for Truck Driving Jobs Sydney

Jobs in the mining industry in Australia, such as dump truck mining jobs Sydney, can pay up to $70,000 per year and many offer bonuses such as free accommodation and food at the mining camps. This option allows even unskilled workers to earn large amounts of money, but getting these jobs can be tough since they are very competitive.

The best advice is to begin preparing as soon as possible and learn as much as you can about the industry requirements for truck driver. Many mining companies today say they are looking exclusively for people who have previous experience in mining. Those who want to get into the industry for the first time will find that truck driving, dump truck driving, operating diggers and even working in the kitchen or administrative work are all ways to get your foot in the door.

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