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The easiest way to find a driving school in Australia is by researching online. You can begin by looking at the leading online driving schools directory in the country to find locally listed driving schools across the country. There are many driving schools in Australia to choose from for those who want to get their car, motorcycle, truck or forklift licenses or to learn advanced driving skills.

Many of the largest online directories contain listings for hundreds of driving schools across the country in all categories. The cost for a driving license varies by state, so new drivers should contact the road authority in their state to find out the pricing specifics. Also, there are different costs associated with each type of license. Most of the major online driving school directories are independent and not affiliated to particular driving schools.

Choosing a Professional Driving Instructor

A professional driving instructor in Australia will be a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (ADTA). Members of this representative body of instructors are qualified to to provide a high level of instruction for all license types, including cars, buses and heavy trucks.

The ADTA originated over 50 years ago, when it began operations as the Motor Schools Association and the Driving Schools Association. It took its current form in 1991 in New South Whales, when the first ADTA was organized. An ADTA national body followed soon after, but the New South Whales founding branch has remained the leading representative organization for driving instructors and has earned the respect for its services at both the state and national level. Today the ADT contributes to a wide variety of issues related to driving education and training.

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