In Australia, people who wish to become heavy vehicle driver trainer must have accomplished various requirements as authorized by the department of transport and main roads. Most heavy vehicle drivers may get tired of traveling and opt to become trainers in either companies or driving institutions. Most drivers opt for this type of job since an individual obtains a higher income at the end of the month and they get to sleep at their own beds daily with their families daily. Here are the requirements that are necessary in order for you to become a trainer.

You should be a holder of an open heavy vehicle driver’s license for at least one year. One should also have a clean driving record i.e. he or she must be a good observant of road rules and maintain a good traffic history record. The trainer should have no criminal history; this is for the purpose of both public interest and safety. Licensed trainers should comply with the statutory accreditation conditions and the code of conduct. Trainers who do not comply with the stated requirement may lead to their accreditation being suspended or cancelled.

A heavy vehicle driver trainer is required to be medically fit, including physical and mental fitness in order to be certified. Heavy vehicle trainers should meet the commercial driver license medical standards by going for annual medical assessments. Trainers are recommended by the department of transport and main roads to obtain insurance covers that will meet their business needs. Most employers will prefer hiring trainers who have both a professional indemnity and public liability insurance. They prefer the above, since the insurance will cover both the trainer and any other party involved in the trainer’s vehicle accident.

Lastly a heavy vehicle driver trainer should have the required training qualifications in order for him or her to be highly competent.

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