Heavy vehicle driver training is a driving course for drivers who are holders of a large commercial vehicle license. These drivers should know how to operate vehicles with tandem axles in order for them to upgrade to a heavy vehicle license. Mainly the heavy vehicle license is divided into five categories depending on the class of the vehicle and they include: light rigid class license, medium rigid license, heavy rigid class license, heavy combination license and the multi-combination class license.

Learners who wish to obtain any of the above licenses should select a school that offers the course under CBA standards. Students should also select a driving school with fully certified instructors and have modern facilities that are safe to use. Participants are then expected to sit for a heavy vehicle knowledge test in order for them to obtain both the competency based assessment logbook and guidebook from RTA. The CBA guidebook entails the tasks a learner is required to perform in order to complete each competency test.

The guidebook also outlines all the requirements a learner should follow in order to pass the assessments. On the other hand the logbook acts as a record keeping document that consists of the learner’s progress. The logbook is recorded after the participant has completed specific skills known as competencies. Individuals who complete their skills are assessed by fully accredited RTA assessors; the assessments are both written and on-road tests.

Heavy vehicle driver training is completed within two days of training; this period consists of lectures that involve driving fundamentals; road laws; vehicle control and road safety. The practical part entails hazard awareness; manoeuvring skills; highway driving; cabin check; fuel efficiency; gear changing turns and lane selection. Learners who go for on road driving also get to improve on both their skills and their self-confidence.

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