HR vehicles are those with 3 or more axles with a GVM not exceeding 9 tones. How to get a HR license in Sydney is an easy process since their various driving schools that are fully accredited to offer HR license course. Heavy rigid course involves both theory and practical driving sections. They involve a competency based assessment test {theory test and practical driving test} that is based according to the RTA standards. Learners who complete training and pass the driving test are issued with the HR license to practise. HR lessons are mainly meant for driving students who wish to upgrade. Learners who wish to obtain this license should ensure that they attend a fully certified driving school with experienced instructors who are accredited by RTA.

How to get a HR license in Sydney requires the student to understand the three types of heavy rigid license conditions. Heavy rigid condition A allows an individual to drive an automatic gearbox only. The heavy rigid condition B authorises its holder to operate a synchromesh and automatic gearbox only. The synchromesh gearbox entails a single clutch movement such as a manual car unlike a double clutch. Heavy rigid unconditional permits the holder to drive any heavy rigid truck that is automatic, synchromesh and non-synchromesh gearboxes. Non-synchromesh gearboxes involve a road ranger or a crash box.

How to get a HR license in Sydney will require the interested party to have various requirements. The learner should be a holder of class C vehicle license for not less than two years. He or she can also be a holder of a light rigid or medium rigid license for not less than one year. Learners who pass their heavy rigid license tests are issued their license. This type of license authorises them to tow one trailer with a gross vehicle mass of not more than nine tones.

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