HC License allows any Australian to drive articulated automobiles or an equivalent of heavy rigid vehicle-trailer combination accompanied by unlading dolly. Heavy combination vehicles include automobiles with three or more axles and any given towed truck-trailer with a GVM not less than nine tonnes.

Nonetheless, any Australian driver who wishes to upgrade his or her driving Licence to HC License must have the following qualifications: the driver must be a holder of an Australian driver license of either class MR and/or class HR and the license must have been in use for a time span of not less than twelve months; the driver must carry out a knowledge test and pass it; the driver must take an eyesight test and pass it; and the driver should undertake a heavy vehicle competency based assessment and pass it. The above factors constitute the basic requirements needed for one to be eligible for Heavy combination license.

HC License training involves a couple of basic tests, which are: theory test, and practical test. The theory test is made of two basic components i.e. general driving tips and general road law. The two theory based tests are aimed at evaluating the manoeuvring skills of a driver. For instance, a driver must be able to indicate the importance of driving at the required speed limits as well as the importance of keeping a good distance from another vehicle while driving.

On the other hand, the practical test is aimed at assessing the practical know how of a driver. Some of the skills being tested practically include: the ability of a driver to anticipate dangerous events and avoid them; the ability of a driver to control his or her vehicle despite the current weather condition; and the capacity of using road accessories correctly without interfering with other road users.

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