Do you need a license to drive a bobcat? Yes, driving a bobcat is a challenging task since it requires specific skills. In order to operate a bobcat in Australia you are required to obtain a bobcat license. The license ensures that you have all the necessary skills needed from a fully accredited driving school. In order to obtain this form of license one is required to attend a driving school that offers bobcat courses.

Bobcat lessons involve both theory and practical sections of driving. It covers skills on how to identify site hazards, pre-checking the bobcat, forms of pre-operational and post operational checks required while driving. Bobcat training course can take a minimum period of two days. These two days mainly involve training, written and practical assessments. Learners who complete training and pass both assessments obtain their bobcat licenses.
The training will also involve a training plan, manual, bobcat assessment, workplace health standards, safety measures and filling of logbooks after completing a task. In order to be eligible for the course you should be eighteen years and above, have the ability to produce one hundred points of identification during registration, knowledgeable in both verbal and written English.

Do you need a license to drive a bobcat? This is a must since the transport department in Australia need to maintain road safety. Having qualified drivers on the road is an important aspect to consider. Skilled drivers are knowledgeable on road rules and regulations to follow while operating a bobcat. Since a bobcat is used mainly in industries qualified drivers are well diverse on how to identify risk hazards and how to avoid accidents.

In conclusion, the question do you need a license to drive a bobcat is not an option since you are required to have the license in order to be authorized to operate a bobcat.

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