Learning how to drive a car is essential in anyone’s life. More importantly, it can be a useful skill to learn for work and as a daily means of transport. However, driving can be a daunting experience, especially if you are a beginner or transferring your driving skill from overseas.

Our friendly team at Star Driving School is more than happy to guide you through the learning process. We aim to make learning enjoyable for all our learners by providing useful tips and a step to step guide to give you the hands on experience that will build your confident behind the wheel.

If you are in need of a car driving course that offers one-on-one training and assistance, you can rely on Star Driving School. We offer car driving courses for both manual and automatic cars of all sizes.

Car Driving Lessons, Car Driving Training School


As road safety is our upmost importance, we provide fully insured and equipped vehicles with dual-controllers. Our car driving lessons provide learners with a range of great benefits including:

  • One-on-one training with an instructor accredited by the RTA of NSW
  • Expert advice and tips to help all learners pass their driving exams
  • Convenience with flexible hours and days available to suit your schedule
  • Choice of male or female instructors and foreign languages also available
  • Customised and personalised courses to fit your needs
  • Competitive and affordable prices for all ages


Car driving lessons can go for as little as a few hours in 1 day only. On average, learners like to take lessons for at least 2 days, although some learners may want 4 days of training or even more.


To receive these benefits and more contact Star Driving School now and book your car driving course now!