Heavy combination licence training is the type of licence training that authorizes an individual to operate any prime mover that is attached to either a semi-trailer or a rigid vehicle towing a trailer. These trailers consist of a GVM of more than nine tones. Learners who are interested in the course should have the following requirements; a medium rigid or heavy rigid licence that has been in use for not less than twelve months, the learner should have completed the RTA heavy combination knowledge test, has obtained a CBA learners logbook and guide book, must be knowledgeable on how to operate a manual transmission and must be physically and mentally stable.

Heavy combination licence training is offered in various driving schools in Australia hence learners should choose the best school in order to obtain the best training. Students should select a school that offers training according to the RTA standards and the instructors are fully endorsed by RTA. This type of training consist of three training options: a one day course that involves one on one training, two day course that entails group booking and lastly hourly tuition and assessment that may take twelve hours.

Heavy combination licence training involves both theory and practical sessions, the theory part involves general road laws and driving tips while the practical section involves preoperational checks, gear selection, turns, reversing, lane management, braking distance, vehicle positioning, intersections, highway driving and maintenance of safe speed.

Most driving schools use heavy combination vehicles for training that consist of an eighteen speed road ranger non-synchromesh gearbox. Learners are given a specific instructor who will take them through the training and after accomplishing the course, learners sit for the licence test that is classified into three major categories and they include: on road driving test, off road reversing skill and off road coupling skills.

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