MR license training is a course that is designed for drivers who would like to upgrade from either C or LR class license. Medium rigid vehicles are classified as motor vehicles with two axles that consist of a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tones, any towed trailer of a GVM not more than nine tones and class LR vehicles. The MR license is mainly used for upgrading purposes since it makes the upgrading process easier due to the gearbox configuration.

MR license training requires a driver’s participation in order to attain knowledge, attitude and skills required for one to obtain the MR license with a synchromesh transmission via the (CBA), i.e. the competency based assessment. In most driving schools, training may take a period of two days which involves eight hours of theory and practical training under the instructions of a qualified trainer. In order for a learner to be eligible to undertake the MR training lessons, he or she must be a holder of a C or LR class vehicle license.

During MR license training, participants are taught various driving aspects such as; vehicle familiarization, application of road crafting which involves speed and lane selection, reversing skills, observation skills, hazard identification, critical vehicle skills like manoeuvring, vehicle control and gear changing. The medium rigid training curriculum also involves; fuel efficiency, highway driving, road laws, cabin check, CBA assessment and defensive driving. The above are included in order to improve road safety and hazard awareness. After completion of the theory part learners go for an on-road training in order to enhance their driving skills.
After completion of the two day training learners are expected to be assessed according to the RTA competency standards. Participants are to be assessed with assessors who are accredited by RTA. Learners who pass both the RTA written test and on-road assessment are issued with their MR licenses that authorizes them to operate medium rigid vehicles.

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